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Unveiling the Truth Behind Heidarian's Fraud Family

Unveiling the Truth Behind Heidarian’s Fraud Family

Dear readers,

We hope this post finds you well. Today, we bring you a critical update on the controversy surrounding Setareh Heidarian and the alarming activities of the Heidarian fraud family. Recently, a victim of their fraudulent schemes reached out to OCL Vision seeking clarification on the company’s stance. Unfortunately, instead of addressing concerns transparently, Mr. Paresh Patel, the CEO, has opted for legal manoeuvres, which we find rather telling.

In the spirit of uncovering the truth, we present to you the victim’s response to OCL Vision and a letter from the employed lawyer. Moving forward, we’ve decided to make a standby publishing any further correspondence from lawyers. The public deserves to know who they are dealing with.

Victim’s Response:

To OCL Vision and the Public,

We want to make it clear that we are not afraid. Your letters do not intimidate us, and our commitment to pursuing justice remains unwavering. In this free country that upholds the right to freedom of speech, we reserve the right to question institutions, including OCL Vision, about their ethics and business practices. Particularly, when one of their employees is widely recognised for involvement in fraudulent activities, it is our duty to seek transparency and accountability.

It is disheartening to see some siding with criminals, and we are committed to getting to the bottom of this matter. The Heidarian fraud family is sinking, and we urge you not to let them drag you into a fight that isn’t yours.

Heidarian Fraud Family;From right to left: Bijan Heidarian, Sepehr Heidarian, Setareh Heidarian, Tahereh Miar
Heidarian Fraud Family;
From right to left: Bijan Heidarian, Sepehr Heidarian, Setareh Heidarian, Tahereh Miar

Points about Heidarian Fraud Family:

  1. Long History of Frauds:
    • For years, these individuals have engaged in various fraudulent activities, encompassing benefit frauds, crypto investment fraud, Forex “signal selling” frauds, Bounce Back Loan frauds, multiple Ponzi schemes, and various other forms of deception. Can we condone someone like Setareh, who has illegitimately obtained funds from families for personal cosmetic enhancements such as a nose job, lip filler, and buttock lift?
  2. Support for Hamas:
    • You asserted that their backing of Hamas is a “fabrication”. It appears you may not be fully aware of the individuals you are supporting. Bijan Heidarian, Setareh’s father, is an unequivocal supporter of Hamas. His active participation in pro-Hamas rallies in London is just one facet; you can confirm this by examining his WhatsApp and Telegram profile pictures. A screenshot is provided for your scrutiny. Additionally, you can verify this information by contacting him directly at the following numbers: +44 7393 309128 and +44 7745 232036.
Bijan Heidarian WhatsApp
Bijan Heidarian WhatsApp
Bijan Heidarian Telegram
Bijan Heidarian Telegram
  1. Forgery and Fabrication: Discussing the topic of fabrication, it is imperative to highlight that the Heidarian family has demonstrated a proficiency in forgery and fabrication over the years. Allow me to provide you with a few illustrative examples for your careful consideration. Let’s delve into the detailed background of the Heidarian family:
      • Bijan Heidarian (Father):
    • In 2004, Bijan Heidarian arrived in the UK using a forged Greek passport to make a baseless asylum claim, initially rejected by UKBA.
    • Aside from supporting Hamas, he operates a Telegram extremist group named “The Clown World,” characterised by pro-Putin propaganda that justifies Russia’s criminal actions in Ukraine.
    • Previously active on Facebook, he was banned for violating terms and promoting violence. Now, he has shifted to Telegram, a Russian-owned platform, as a refuge.
      • Sepehr Heidarian (Brother):
    • Sepehr is a recognised fraudster responsible for a confirmed fraud exceeding half a million pounds.
    • During the pandemic, he participated in multiple Bounce Back Loan frauds with a company where Setareh served as a director, securing over £150,000 of taxpayers’ money.
    • He has admitted to forging documents, and a WhatsApp conversation supporting these claims has been obtained and shared with the police.
Sepehr Heidarian Admitting Forgery and Loan Fraud
Sepehr Heidarian Admitting Forgery and Loan Fraud
      • Tahereh Miar (Mother):
    • Tahereh Miar has been involved in defrauding the government through a fraudulent “homeless claim,” securing a council flat while owning multiple properties in Iran.
    • Additionally, she operates a “loan shark” side business, profiting from the misfortunes of others.
    • Setareh actively participated in a joint application with her mother, despite the clear evidence that she was not homeless. This joint application was orchestrated to exploit the government by securing free housing.
    • For more comprehensive information on this matter, all pertinent details are accessible through the “Croydon Council.” We strongly encourage you to seek clarification directly from the council to confirm the authenticity of these claims.
Tahereh Miar Committed Multiple Benefit Frauds
Tahereh Miar Committed Multiple Benefit Frauds

These instances outlined above merely scratch the surface of the fabrications within the Heidarian family. I have a question from the solicitor. May I inquire, on behalf of those seeking clarity, how you reconcile your association with individuals involved in the activities outlined above? Given your self-identification as a “committed Christian,” aligning with those implicated in stealing from ordinary people and endorsing actions contributing to the suffering of Ukrainians and Israelis seems incongruent with such professed values. Could you shed light on the ethical considerations that guided your decision, and how do you justify your alignment with individuals engaged in such morally reprehensible activities? Additionally, the question arises: how much was gained to prompt the compromise of your conscience in this matter? Your response to these concerns is eagerly awaited.


Appeal to Reason:

We remain committed to resolving this issue amicably and hope for a reasonable response from your end. OCL Vision is fundamentally a business, driven by the objectives of profitability and customer service. Engaging in the complexities of the Heidarian fraud family matter is neither necessary nor beneficial for a business of your stature. As a vigilant group, we are actively pursuing the Heidarian fraud family, and there is no rationale for allowing Setareh to entangle OCL Vision in this web.

All posts related to OCL Vision will be taken down promptly upon confirmation that Setareh is no longer affiliated with the company. You have the option to release this issue, opting for a resolution that avoids protracted legal battles incurring substantial financial and temporal costs.

Considering Setareh’s status as a junior level employee, it is prudent to recognise her replaceability. Distancing OCL Vision from individuals jeopardising the company’s reputation, as you rightly pointed out, is a wise move. Permitting victims and the legal system to address these matters is the most judicious course of action. The shareholders of OCL Vision, we trust, are attentive to these developments and would likely advise a prudent decision. It is our fervent plea that you do not jeopardise the company for an individual of questionable integrity. The reputation and success of OCL Vision should not be put at risk for the actions of a person of such dubious character.

Final Call:

You are welcome to engage in further written communication. Rest assured, we are committed to transparency, and all materials, including your letters, will be promptly published. The recent open letter addressed to Mr. Paresh Patel garnered over 245 views within the last week, indicating a growing awareness among the public regarding this issue. It is crucial to confront the proverbial elephant in the room. We sincerely hope that you will make a decision aligned with the values of justice and integrity.
The truth must prevail.



Here is the letter from OCL Vision’s lawyer:

Our ref: JC/OCL/1

13 December 2023

Dear Mr [Confidential],
Re: OCL Vision


I act for OCL Vision, and its CEO Paresh Patel.
This letter is written in accordance with the pre-action protocol for Media and Communication claims (“the Protocol”) and raises grave legal issues on which you should urgently obtain specialist legal advice. You will find the Protocol at this link: rules/civil/protocol/prot_def.
Your numerous social media posts concerning my clients (“the Posts”)
I refer to the Posts to which allude in your email of 11 December (“the Email”)
sent to my client Mr Patel. I attach below your own list for ease of reference:
1. OCL Vision CEO Paresh Patel: Navigating Setareh Heidarian Allegations and Pro-Hamas Views 
2. OCL Vision Drama Unveiled: CEO Paresh Patel and the Inside Scoop on Allegations – Let’s Talk Corporate Values! 
3. Setareh Heidarian Exposed: Unveiling Shocking Hamas Support at OCL Vision!
4. Setareh Heidarian’s Pro-Hamas Views at OCL Vision
5. Who is Setareh Heidarian, and what is her involvement in the Vincifx fraud?

6. Setareh Heidarian Family’s Involvement in Fraud: A Whistleblower’s Perspective
7. The Heidarian Conspiracy Unveiled: Shocking Exposé of Alleged Family Fraud and Deceit
8. Uncovering Setareh Heidarian’s Alleged Pro-Hamas Views at OCL Vision
9. Setareh Heidarian’s Role Exposed in Vincifx Controversial Activities: Unmasking Alleged Fraud
10.Unveiling the Bounce Back Loan Scandal: Sepehr Heidarian’s Brazen Fraud Exposed
11. Legal Inquiry to Majid Mohammadi Tamanani Regarding Your Relationship with the Heidarian Fraud Family
The allegations made against my clients in the Posts
Be means of (inter alia) crude electronic forgery, the Posts make two serious allegations against my clients:
1. That they are in some way complicit in a major fraud; and
2. That they are supporters of the wicked and murderous recent activities of Hamas.
The relevant legal issues
The Posts are therefore defamatory of my client at Common Law because they both have a tendency to lower them in the estimation of right-thinking people and surmounts a minimum threshold of seriousness.
The allegations contained in the Posts are also defamatory in the statutory sense, that they have caused and are likely to cause serious harm to my clients’ reputation, as per section 1(i) of the Defamation Act 2013.
The gravity of the allegations and their wide dissemination has inflicted serious damage to my clients’ professional and personal reputations. They also – as you have acknowledged in the Email very likely to inflict serious damage to my clients’ business.
Please note that any losses which that business sufferers at a result of the Posts are recoverable against you in the form of Special Damages; for which (unlike General Damages) there is no upper limit.


The false allegations that my clients are in any way connected to the alleged fraud or are Hamas supporters
This alleged fraud about which you complain by means of the Posts involves a former staff member. It is not in any way associated with my clients.
Furthermore, it is my clients’ understanding that the claims are mostly being made against her brother rather than her.
There is no evidence to suggest that OCL Vision or any of its personnel is connected in any way to the alleged fraud. Nor is there any evidence to suggest that anyone conducted this activity at OCL Vision or against any of the patients or staff. There is no proper basis therefore for the grave allegations of dishonesty contained in the Posts.
There is also not a shred of evidence – apart from that which you have manufactured – that my client in any way support Hamas or its brutal activities.
My client’s stipulations
My client therefore requires from you the following:
1. The immediate deletion of the Posts;
2. The publication by you via all the relevant media of a full retraction of the allegations made in the Posts which have seriously impacted my clients’ reputation re in terms to be agreed;
3. Your undertaking not to repeat the allegations contained in the Posts, or any similar concerning my clients;
4. Your undertaking to compensate my clients in the form of substantia General and Special Damages – to be assessed if not agreed;
5. Your undertaking to indemnify my client for their reasonable legal costs.
This matter is most urgent since the damage being caused both to my clients and their business by the Posts is continuing and escalating, thereby increasing your liability to my client in damages. Please ensure that I receive a response to my letter by no later than 4pm on 22 December.

In the interim all my clients’ rights are expressly reserved. Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Coad Solicitor and Principal Coad Law


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