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Unmasking Exposing Sepehr Heidarian's Desperate Tactics and Ongoing Whistleblower Triumphs

Exposing Fraud: Sepehr Heidarian’s Desperate Tactics

Unveiling the Shift from to – Another Scammy Move Exposed

When online platforms, such as the recent switch from to, undergo transitions, users often find themselves questioning the motives behind these changes. Exploring the motives, be they technical, regulatory, or related to branding, helps dispel uncertainties. This article delves into the underlying fraudulent intentions behind the transition, exposing it as just another scammy move by Vincifx that might not be immediately apparent.


Vincifx Desperate Move to Evade Accountability: Shifting from to

Sepz’s recent decision to change the Vincifx website domain from .com to .net raises questions about his motives. It appears he believes that this change can somehow erase the traces of what he has stolen from us and our families. However, this move only reflects his lack of foresight and the misguided notion that altering a website domain can absolve him of his fraudulent actions. Notably, Sepehr’s questionable decisions may be attributed to his background, including being an inbred and a product of a first cousin marriage, suggesting potential limitations in his cognitive abilities. It seems stupidity is deeply embedded in his faulty genetic makeup. Pathetic Attempt to Suppress the Truth: A Shameful Negative SEO Campaign Exposed

The depths to which Vincifx criminal gang is stooping are beyond belief. Over the past few weeks, our whistleblower website has been relentlessly attacked by the Vincifx fraudster gang. This malicious onslaught involves a disgraceful “negative SEO campaign” orchestrated by, with the sole intention of diminishing our website authority and erasing us from Google search results. The audacity of their criminal methods is truly disheartening. The Vincifx gang, led by Sepehr Heidarian, has resorted to deploying cheap SEO agencies in India to flood our website with spammy backlinks and bots from disreputable sources, including porn websites, in a desperate bid to undermine our credibility.

Despite their futile attempts, our vigilant team is closely monitoring this disgraceful campaign and has promptly disavowed the nefarious links. We strongly advise Vincifx and Sepehr Heidarian to redirect their efforts and financial resources toward reimbursing the money they’ve shamelessly stolen from trusting families. Their misguided tactics, including the posting of random comments on our blog posts, only highlight their intellectual bankruptcy. It seems the Vincifx criminal gang is yet to grasp that disavowing negative links does not negate the impact of their fraudulent actions or deter Google bots from discerning the truth. The screenshots accompanying this expose reveal the extent of their desperation, but they should be aware that justice will prevail, and their criminal deeds will not go unnoticed.

Vincifx Criminal Gang's Malicious SEO Attack Exposed: Unveiling a Desperate Attempt to Undermine Credibility and Erase from Google Search Results
Vincifx Criminal Gang’s Malicious SEO Attack Exposed: Unveiling a Desperate Attempt to Undermine Credibility and Erase from Google Search Results


Exposing the Vincifx Criminal Gang: Advocating for Justice and Accountability

We continue to advocate for the resolution of this matter through ethical means. Rather than engaging in underhanded tactics, the most cost-effective, painless, and effective resolution to this matter would be for Vincifx to contact the victims directly and return the stolen funds. If Sepz had received proper upbringing, his parents would have instilled in him the values that condemn theft and fraud. Instead, it seems his father, Bijan Heidarian, been “preoccupied” with offering unsolicited political analyses on Facebook while starving his own children by keeping them on benefits. Exposing the Vincifx criminal gang remains our lifelong commitment, and Sepz can consult his sister to understand how his crimes have negatively impacted her professional life.

Moreover, rest assured that we will extend our efforts to ensure every member of his family is exposed, leaving his sister without a career. This consequence squarely falls on Vincifx and Sepehr Heidarian, and they will be held accountable for their actions.


Vincifx’s Deceptive Tactics: Unraveling Their Scam Behind False FCA Claims

The expose sheds light on Sepehr’s attempts to mislead both clients and authorities. Vincifx has taken its fraudulent activities to a new level by using a number from Finland for their WhatsApp inquiries, possibly in an attempt to deceive the police. Their elaborate ruse doesn’t end there; they’ve been falsely claiming to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s crucial to expose the truth behind these claims:

  1. Non-existent Company: There is no registered entity called Vincifx. A thorough check on Companies House reveals its nonexistence, pointing to the entire operation being a scam.
  2. False Broker Affiliation: Vincifx attempts to mislead individuals by mentioning Vantage International Broker. However, operating through a broker’s platform doesn’t automatically grant licensing, exposing another layer of deceit.
  3. Targeting Vulnerable Individuals: Sepehr and the Vincifx criminal gang primarily target new immigrants and exploit their limited financial knowledge. They also take advantage of the trust of close family and friends, engaging in morally reprehensible practices.
  4. Criminal Acts and Legal Consequences: Vincifx’s actions violate various laws, including false representation for fraudulent investment purposes. This criminal act is punishable by law and can lead to imprisonment. Relevant legal provisions in the UK, such as the Fraud Act 2006 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, underscore the severity of such deceptive practices. We have taken immediate action by reporting these activities to the police and the Financial Conduct Authority, ensuring this website is added to our list for monitoring and exposure. It’s imperative to shed light on these activities and protect potential victims from falling prey to their schemes.

Victory in the Battle Against Vincifx Frauds: Sepehr’s Plea for Halt

Our relentless campaign against the fraudulent activities of Sepehr and the Vincifx criminal gang has achieved significant success. In a desperate attempt to halt our efforts, Sepehr Heidarian resorted to sending an email to our solicitor, pleading for the campaign to be stopped. This only serves as evidence that our campaign to keep the public informed has hit the mark. We have enclosed part of his email below, showcasing the extent of his desperation in the face of our exposure.

Here are an example of Sepehr’s email to our lawyer:

Currently I have no funds or assets accessible. As long as he is behaving the way he is, I doubt I can repay him. The reason for blocking him only on WhatsApp was because it was just extremely hard to communicate with him.

Unfortunately, I am not in a stable relationship with my family as he’s my family and also my parents lost money just like debt. I am trying to repay them and resolve my relationship with them as well.

I have talked with the Westminster council to get help with accommodations.

I’m not sure how much you know about the situation; this website is sabotaging the work that helps me to repay him but he just doesn’t want to discuss it and he wants his payment in full which currently I cannot afford and frankly he doesn’t even allow me to do my work to pay him back. If you don’t know how he’s been doing that, please let me know so I can tell you about it as he has already affected it massively.

Kind regards,

Sepehr Heidarian


Standing Vigilant: Exposing Sepehr’s Ongoing Crimes

Our commitment to closely monitoring Sepehr’s every move remains steadfast. Our dedication to keeping the public informed about his criminal activities is unwavering. It is paramount that he returns our money promptly, including interest and compensation, as we rightfully demand. Failure to comply will only reinforce our determination, as he himself has acknowledged that we will make his fraudulent operations impossible.

In addition to our continued vigilance, we have amassed new intelligence on Sepehr’s fraudulent schemes and those of the Vincifx criminal gang. This information will be promptly published on this website, providing further transparency into their illicit activities.

To potential victims, we strongly urge you to stay vigilant and conduct thorough research. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will guide you through the details of how Sepehr Heidarian stole from us. A simple Google search for “Sepehr Heidarian” and his father “Bijan Heidarian” will reveal the depth of their questionable actions.


In conclusion, the exposure of’s transition from to unravels a web of fraudulent activities orchestrated by Sepehr Heidarian and his criminal gang. The move, far from a mere technical shift, is a desperate attempt to conceal their ill-gotten gains. The article reveals Sepehr’s misguided belief that altering the website domain can erase traces of stolen funds, complemented by a disgraceful negative SEO campaign against the whistleblower website. The expose underscores the criminal nature of Vincifx’s tactics, emphasizing legal consequences under UK law. The victory in thwarting Vincifx frauds is evident in Sepehr’s desperate plea, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness. The commitment to ongoing vigilance, exposure of crimes, and guidance for potential victims remains resolute, ensuring justice against Vincifx and Sepehr Heidarian’s reprehensible actions.

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