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OCL Vision CEO Paresh Patel Under Scrutiny - Unveiling Allegations and Controversies

OCL Vision CEO Paresh Patel: Navigating Setareh Heidarian Allegations and Pro-Hamas Views

To the CEO of OCL Vision, Mr. Paresh Patel, and the Management Team,

In this expanded article, we aim to comprehensively address the ongoing concerns surrounding Setareh Heidarian and her alleged involvement in fraudulent activities during her tenure as the director of OCL Vision. Additionally, we shed light on Setareh’s pro-Hamas views, which have recently come to the forefront.

Setareh Heidarian’s Pro-Hamas Views: Our investigation has unearthed a troubling aspect of Setareh Heidarian’s beliefs, revealing a leaked WhatsApp conversation from November 2023. In this exchange, Setareh explicitly expressed support for Hamas and made disturbing antisemitic statements.

Setareh Heidarian OCL Vision Supporting Hamas Leaked WhatsApp Conversation
Setareh Heidarian OCL Vision Supporting Hamas Leaked WhatsApp Conversation

Background Check: Setareh Heidarian, an Iranian national employed by OCL Vision, has not only faced allegations related to financial improprieties, including potential involvement in “bounce back loans” fraud but has also displayed political affiliations that include explicit support for Hamas. Her extreme stance, coupled with her family ties to a father she claims is a communist and a Hamas supporter, raises serious questions about workplace values and inclusivity.

Direct Inquiry to OCL Vision: In light of these revelations, we pose a direct question to OCL Vision’s management and any potential future employer of Setareh Heidarian: How does the company view the presence of an employee openly supporting a group associated with violence and extremism?

Importance of Transparency: This investigative inquiry is not only about personal beliefs but is crucial for the values and inclusivity of the workplace. The leaked WhatsApp conversation adds an alarming layer to the situation, demanding a transparent discussion about the boundaries between personal beliefs and professional conduct within the organization.

Setareh Heidarian OCL Vision
Setareh Heidarian OCL Vision

Addressing Previous Allegations: Simultaneously, we reiterate the importance of addressing the prior allegations of fraudulent activities, including the infamous Bounce Back Loan fraud, during Setareh Heidarian’s directorship. These allegations remain a serious concern that, if substantiated, could significantly impact OCL Vision’s reputation and corporate ethics.

Key Questions for OCL Vision:

  1. Company Policy and Ethics: What is OCL Vision’s explicit policy for addressing allegations of misconduct or fraud involving its staff members, especially those with explicit support for extremist groups?
  2. Transparency and Investigations: When does OCL Vision intend to address both the financial improprieties and the concerning political views transparently?
  3. Liability to Reputation: How does OCL Vision plan to safeguard its reputation in the face of allegations that involve both financial misconduct and support for organizations associated with violence?
  4. Accountability and Legal Implications: In instances where employees are accused of wrongdoing and hold extremist views, how does OCL Vision ensure accountability both internally and within the framework of the law?
  5. Financial Benefit and Lifestyle: Considering Setareh Heidarian’s alleged involvement in fraudulent activities and her extremist views, what steps is OCL Vision taking to scrutinize her financial transactions and lifestyle expenditures during her tenure?
  6. Bank Account Signatories: Given her purported involvement in fraudulent activities and her support for extremist groups, clarification on Setareh Heidarian’s authority over bank accounts associated with these activities is essential.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we urge OCL Vision CEO Paresh Patel to address these multifaceted concerns promptly, conducting impartial investigations and communicating outcomes transparently. Proactively managing both the financial misconduct allegations and Setareh Heidarian’s extremist views is fundamental to upholding ethical standards within the organization.

By tackling these issues openly, OCL Vision can demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a workplace free from both financial improprieties and support for extremist ideologies. It is imperative to address these matters with the seriousness and urgency they demand.

We, as individuals invested in justice, remain steadfast in our pursuit of transparency, accountability, and justice. The ball is now in OCL Vision’s court to uphold the integrity of its operations and the trust of its stakeholders.


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