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An Open Letter to Majid Mohammadi Tamanani: Your Connection with the Heidarian Fraud Family

An Open Letter to Mr. Majid Mohammadi Tamanani


Dear Mr. Majid Mohammadi Tamanani,

We’re writing this letter to you, a person with both Iranian and British backgrounds, who is studying for a PhD at City University of London and also has a small business called Foam Set Ltd. We want to talk about something really important – your relationship with the Heidarian family. It has come to our attention that you have been in a relationship with Setareh Heidarian for several years, prompting us to inquire about your association with this family.

As victims of the Heidarian Gang and Vincifx / LIT Group Holdings, we are keen to understand your position on the actions of Sepehr and Setareh Heidarian. We seek to ascertain whether you condone their wrongdoings. If you do not support their actions, we are compelled to question the basis for your continued relationship with individuals who are allegedly involved in fraudulent activities that impact families and children.

The sum of £135,000 is not a trivial amount, and we are resolved not to let it go without a fight. We owe this fight to our children. Our struggle has just begun, driven by a sense of morality and responsibility for the future of our children in the face of scams perpetrated by individuals like Sepehr Heidarian.

We understand that Sepehr attempted to deceive you as well. Fortunately, your vigilance prevented him from succeeding in his scam. It has come to our attention that he even tried to exploit your network of friends and family for his fraudulent schemes, but your astuteness foiled his attempts.

In contrast to Sepehr and Bijan, you are a respected professional with a genuine career. The question arises whether Setareh is worth jeopardizing everything you have worked hard for. Despite your online presence and social media activity, Setareh seems to have no significant presence in your life, suggesting a lack of long-term planning. In addition, your decision to secure a mortgage on your own, rather than jointly, indicates a clear focus on building your own future.

We acknowledge that you are not implicated in this fraud scheme, and that is why we are giving you this opportunity to distance yourself from the Heidarians. The impending situation with the Heidarians is bound to escalate rapidly and turn ugly. We hope your wisdom guides you away from their influence.

Majid Mohammadi Tamanani and Setareh Heidarian
Majid Mohammadi Tamanani and Setareh Heidarian

We present three options, which we aptly term “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly“:

The Good Choice: Disassociate from Setareh and move forward with your life. We’ll take down this article as your involvement will be considered unrelated. This is the best thing for your PhD studies, career and your business. You don’t want to be part of a family that steals from people who trusted them.


The Bad Choice: If you choose to remain with Setareh, we implore you to encourage Sepehr and Bijan to return the stolen funds, allowing all parties involved to lead a normal life. This is important if you think Setareh is “worth it”. We know that Bijan Heidarian and Tahereh Miar have assets (including properties) hidden in Iran, but they’re still taking money from the government as “benefits” in Britain. They can pay the money back if they want to. If you can talk to them and get our money back, that would be helpful.


The Ugly Choice: If you really want to risk your reputation and career for low lives like Sepehr and his family, then you can align with Sepehr as his pawn and be prepared to face the consequences. Setareh has made this choice, and she’s being used by her brother. Maybe he promised her some money. This is probably the worst choice you can make, and we hope you’ll be smarter than that.


The choice rests in your hands. We assure you that our response will be commensurate with your decision. We sincerely hope that you opt against the third option. Stand on the side of history that reflects righteousness. We are confident you would expect the same if someone were to steal from your children or parents.


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