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Vincifx Sepehr Heidarian Liverpool Properties and Bankruptcy Threats Exposed

Vincifx Fraud; Liverpool Properties and Bankruptcy Threats


In recent weeks, our platform has been inundated with messages from victims of the Vincifx scam, each sharing tales of financial ruin and shattered dreams. We are heartened by the growing outreach and the opportunity to shed light on this insidious Ponzi scheme, underscoring the importance of awareness and vigilance in safeguarding against such predatory practices.

As the stories pour in, revealing the devastating impact of Vincifx on countless lives, it becomes clear that we must expose the truth behind the façade. Sepehr Heidarian, the charlatan behind Vincifx, has deceived investors with false promises of prosperity, only to leave them in ruins. But amidst the despair, there is hope—a chance to unravel the web of deception and hold those responsible to account.

Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of one of the most shocking financial scandals of our time. Behind the glossy veneer of Vincifx lies a dark world of deceit and manipulation. From clandestine property acquisitions in Liverpool to chilling bankruptcy threats, the truth behind Vincifx is more disturbing than anyone could have imagined.

Join us as we peel back the layers of deception, uncovering the stark reality of Vincifx and the devastating impact it has had on its victims. Together, we will shine a light on the darkest corners of online fraud and stand united against those who seek to exploit the vulnerable for their own gain. The journey ahead is fraught with challenges, but with perseverance and determination, we will uncover the truth behind the headlines.


Revealing Ill-Gotten Wealth

For four long years, Sepehr Heidarian has orchestrated a Ponzi scheme under the guise of Vincifx, leaving a trail of financial ruin and broken trust in his wake. Victims of his deceit have been systematically swindled, while Heidarian brazenly denies any knowledge or possession of the misappropriated funds. However, a diligent investigation has unearthed a web of lies and deceit, revealing the true extent of Heidarian’s criminal activities and the complicity of his family in his nefarious schemes.


Tracing the Money Trail

Our investigative team has meticulously traced the flow of funds, uncovering a plethora of damning evidence implicating Heidarian and his accomplices. Despite his claims of destitution, Heidarian’s ostentatious display of wealth tells a different story—one of ill-gotten gains and brazen arrogance.


Property Holdings in Liverpool

One of the most glaring pieces of evidence pointing to the depth of Sepehr Heidarian’s deception is the acquisition of multiple properties in Liverpool. This is not merely a case of financial mismanagement; it’s a pure case of embezzlement. Despite the clandestine nature of his Ponzi scheme, Heidarian’s audacity led him to openly boast about his property acquisitions, leaving digital breadcrumbs for investigators to follow.

Furthermore, delving into the land registry records reveals a damning portrait of Heidarian’s deception. Each property acquisition documented in the land registry serves as a stark reminder of the lives shattered and dreams dashed by his fraudulent scheme.

As evidenced by online reviews and public statements, Heidarian’s boasts about property acquisitions are readily available for scrutiny. Additionally, please refer to the email from the estate agent confirming Sepehr’s purchase of multiple properties. This further solidifies the case against him.

Vincifx Sepehr Heidarian Confirming Purchasing Properties
Vincifx Sepehr Heidarian Confirming Purchasing Properties
Estate Agent Confirming Sepehr Heidarian Has Purchased Multiple Properties in Liverpool
Estate Agent Confirming Sepehr Heidarian Has Purchased Multiple Properties in Liverpool

While Heidarian continues to assert that he has no funds, the reality is starkly different. He collects rent on these properties every month—a stark reminder that these properties were purchased with investors’ money, betraying their trust and financial security.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Heidarian has provided absolutely no evidence that investors’ funds were ever deposited into any trading accounts. Suspicions arise that these funds were never deposited but instead funneled into his property acquisitions, further exacerbating the injustice suffered by investors.


Intimidation and Coercion

Vincifx and Sepehr Heidarian’s modus operandi involves intimidation and coercion, as he threatens victims with bankruptcy to dissuade them from seeking restitution. This manipulation mirrors the tactics employed by infamous fraudsters like Sam Bankman-Fried, who similarly exploited investors for personal gain. Heidarian’s parallels with Bankman-Fried serve as a stark warning of the consequences awaiting him—a fate sealed by his own greed and deceit. Criminals like him must be behind bars and never be heard of again.


Bijan Heidarian: A Complicit Figure in the Scheme

Compounding the gravity of the situation is the involvement of Heidarian’s family members in his illicit activities. His father, Bijan Heidarian, has surreptitiously amassed wealth, evidenced by his purchase of an apartment in Malaga, Spain. In his 20 years in the UK, he has been living off benefits and government handouts for the majority of the time. For a brief period, he worked in a kebab shop, followed by a stint as an Uber driver for a year. The suddenness of his retirement in Spain while on benefits raises questions about the source of his newfound fund.

Furthermore, some of the funds have been funnelled to his parents, who are aiding him in his criminal activities. We possess solid evidence (which we will publish in a separate article) indicating that a significant portion of the trades have been conducted through Bijan Heidarian’s accounts on various brokerages, implicating him as an accomplice in the crimes perpetrated by his son.

International Connections

Likewise, Heidarian’s mother, Tahereh Miar, has not escaped scrutiny. Despite residing in subsidized council housing in Croydon, she has been involved in benefit fraud, exploiting welfare systems while not disclosing all her bank accounts to the Job Centre. Her admission of illicit money transfers from Iran and clandestine banking practices further implicate her in the family’s illicit enterprise. Additionally, Miar’s acquisition of commercial properties in Chalus, Iran, further deepens the suspicion surrounding her financial activities. What’s more, Heidarian has properties in Iran which he has not disclosed to the UK authorities while fraudulently claiming benefits, casting doubt on the honesty of their financial declarations.


Call to Action

To the victims of Heidarian’s deception, we offer solidarity and support in your pursuit of justice. Do not succumb to his empty promises or stalling tactics; the legal route remains the most viable course of action. Through concerted efforts and unwavering determination, we can hold Sepehr Heidarian and his cohorts accountable for their crimes.



In the face of adversity, let us stand united against tyranny and exploitation. Sepehr Heidarian’s reign of deception ends here—let us ensure that his name is synonymous not with wealth and success, but with the swift hand of justice.

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  1. Hamid Karimnessei

    thanks a million to the person whom started this website to warn other innocent hard working people not to become a victim of this absolute deceptive and charlatan Sepehr Heidarian, unfortunately I fall for his very motivative and juicy offers and empty sweet promises, I was one of his close family friends and at the time I was working as a mini cab driver and had a lot of debt. he promised me to not only wipe out my debts but make me financially reach to the point that I wouldn’t need to work anymore. I lost thousands before I realise that this is just another ponzi scheme to steal our money, I am asking here now to whoever else like myself that became a victim of this disrespectful and deceptive charlatan to be brave to come forward as a witness to join together and through legal channels we make him stop his illegal activities and make him pay us back our hard earned money. please please please come forward, individually we are not strong but if we come together we can stop him and gain back our lost.

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