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Investor Seeks Justice and Recovery Amid Allegations of Fraudulent Activities and Misuse of Funds by Sepehr Heidarian at Avatrade

Investor Alleges Fraud by LIT Group Holdings and Misuse of Funds at Avatrade

In a shocking revelation, an investor has come forward to report fraudulent activities and the misuse of funds allegedly orchestrated by Sepehr Heidarian, involving the popular trading platform, Avatrade. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, has accused Heidarian of operating an illegal investment scheme, defrauding innocent individuals of substantial sums, including their life savings.

The investor disclosed that the ordeal began in November 2019 when Heidarian, a childhood friend, approached them, claiming to represent “London Investment Trust Group Holdings.” He presented an enticing investment opportunity, promising guaranteed double returns within a few months. Trusting the long-standing relationship, the victim invested a significant amount of £100,000, with the hope of securing a stable future for their family.

As time passed, the promised returns never materialized, and Heidarian started offering excuses and evasive responses. Upon conducting a personal investigation, the victim uncovered that “LIT Group Holdings” was an unlicensed entity solely created to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals through a sophisticated Ponzi scheme.

Further inquiries revealed that Heidarian had allegedly deposited the funds, including the victim’s money, with Avatrade without their knowledge or consent. The investor was shocked to learn that Heidarian claimed Avatrade had suspended his account, leaving the funds, along with more than £4,000,000 from other victims, inaccessible.

Seeking justice and a resolution, the victim urgently reached out to Avatrade to verify whether Heidarian’s account was indeed suspended and if their funds were still held on the platform. The victim pleaded with Avatrade to facilitate the release of their funds if available.

The victim also expressed deep concern over Avatrade’s apparent lack of stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, which allowed Heidarian to deposit substantial sums without proper verification. They stressed the need for Avatrade to take responsibility for preventing fraudulent activities on its platform and ensuring the protection of its customers.

The victim has been tirelessly attempting to recover their hard-earned money for over three years. Despite multiple attempts to contact Heidarian, he has allegedly avoided accountability and refused to provide concrete evidence regarding the status of the funds. It has come to light that Heidarian’s father, Bijan Heidarian, is allegedly managing the Ponzi scheme and has fled to Spain.

In response to the fraudulent actions, the victim reported the matter to the police, who are currently investigating the case. The victim expressed their willingness to cooperate fully with any legal proceedings to ensure justice is served, and the perpetrators are held accountable.

The victim, who has suffered substantial financial losses and severe mental distress due to the scam, is now seeking Avatrade’s full cooperation in resolving the matter. They implore Avatrade to conduct a thorough investigation into Heidarian’s account activity and implement necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

As this case unfolds, many are left wondering how such fraudulent activities managed to occur within the confines of a reputed trading platform like Avatrade. Investors and the wider public are now looking to Avatrade for answers and reassurance that strict measures will be implemented to protect their customers from falling prey to similar scams in the future.

Avatrade has yet to release an official statement in response to these allegations, but the seriousness of the claims demands a prompt and transparent investigation to address the concerns raised by the victim and restore trust in the platform.

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