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Sepehr Heidarian Scam


Who is Sepehr Heidarian?

Sepehr Heidarian: Portrait of a Scammer

Sepehr Heidarian (also known as Sepz) is a 30-year-old homeless grifter with a long history of scamming investors, lying about his education and work history, and mooching off of the hard work of others.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you Googled Sepehr Heidarian’s name looking for more information about him. As one of Heidarian’s victims, we urge you to think twice before investing in any of his schemes. Heidarian’s VinciFX scam led to us losing six figures and a family home.

Read on to learn who Sepehr Heidarian or Sepz really is, why his businesses are fraudulent, and why you should avoid working with him.

Sepehr Heidarian: Academic Failure

Would you invest with a mediocre high school graduate who never attended university? Because that’s who Sepehr Heidarian is. For all his lofty claims as to his academic achievements, Heidarian earned poor marks in high school and never enrolled in any university.

Sepz Heidarian asserts that he attended Kings College London but dropped out because he was making a lot of money and wanted to focus on his career. However, we contacted Kings College, and they confirmed such a name never enrolled in the school at any point.

If Sepz isn’t lying about his academic credentials, he’s welcome to send us his student card and proof that he was registered at Kings College London so we can publish them. Unless he does this, we’ll have to assume that he’s not just a simpleton, but a liar to boot.

As for his claim that he was making a lot of money, we had no idea the dole was so lucrative. Yes, you read that right: Sepehr is living on benefits. Last we heard, he was also crashing on his mother’s sofa in a council flat in Croydon, South London. Hardly the big baller lifestyle of a successful businessman.

Investing with a 30-year-old manchild who’s collecting benefits, can’t afford his own apartment, and doesn’t have a degree? You might as well just set your money on fire: it’ll be faster and you can make a viral video out of it with your phone.

Sepehr Heidarian’s Work Experience: Lies and Grift

One of Sepehr Heidarian’s more fanciful lies is that he’s a “senior trader” with 15 years of experience. 15 years ago, in 2007, he was a 14-year-old living in Croydon. Maybe he expects us to think a barely-pubescent kid was wheeling and dealing on the floor of the London Stock Exchange.

What actual work experience does Heidarian have? Well, as we already revealed, he never went to university, which limited his options. His poor marks in high school also demonstrate his crippling laziness and idiocy, so he couldn’t apply himself to anything else, either.

The reality is that Heidarian has lived off of benefits for most of his adult life because he’s either too lazy or incompetent to find work. His only known work experience is the occasional odd job, such as working at a kebab shop for under-the-table pay.

A cursory look at Heidarian’s tax records from HMRC confirms that he’s never held any kind of legal job or paid taxes. He’s spent his entire life mooching off his parents and collecting benefits while trying to convince people he’s a “senior trader.” With all his lying, maybe he’d be suited for a job in politics, however!

Sepehr working cash-in-hand for a kebab shop.
Sepehr working cash-in-hand for a kebab shop.

VinciFX: A Fake Company

Sepehr Heidarian’s lies and deceit extend to the very businesses he claims to run. A simple search of the Financial Conduct Authority’s website shows that neither Heidarian nor his company L.I.T. Group Holdings (UK) Limited are licensed by the FCA. This means that it’s illegal for him to engage in any business activity, including taking investments.

You can verify this for yourself by visiting the FCA’s website and searching for “Sepehr Heidarian” under the “Individual” section or “L.I.T. Group Holdings (UK) Limited” under the “Firms” section. As you can see here, searching for his name returns no results:

A search for Heidarian’s firm also comes up with nothing:

This shows conclusively that VinciFX and Heidarian’s business isn’t real. If you invest with him, you’re getting taken for a ride.

The worst part is that Heidarian knows he is lying to investors and breaking the law. He’s admitted that he “will go to prison if authorises [sic] know he is investing on behalf of people”. Here is a screenshot of a conversation where he admits to committing crimes:

It wasn’t smart for Heidarian to just flat-out admit his plot like that, but what can you expect from a serial liar who couldn’t even make it to university?

Sepehr Heidarian: Scammer, Liar, and Mediocrity

When you put all these facts together, a very ugly picture emerges.

Sepehr Heidarian presents himself as a successful trader and high-rolling businessman, but in reality, he’s a penniless momma’s boy who failed academically, lives off benefits, and lies about his academic and work credentials to make himself look like less of a total loser.

If he stuck to sitting around on his dad’s couch and handing out kebabs—the only things he can claim to be an expert in—we wouldn’t have a problem with him. But he’s running around trying to get people to invest in a scam business knowing full well he is breaking the law.

We made the mistake of trusting his father, Bijan Heidarian and it cost us dearly. Please don’t get fooled like we did. If you’re considering investing with Heidarian or any of his businesses, turn tail and get away from him. He’s just planning on stealing your money.

As for Heidarian, we recommend he stop lying to everyone and get a real job. We’re sure there’s a kebab shop in his area that needs someone to spray the tables down.

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